Wakwat Community Guidelines

Being a Good Neighbor


Wakwat is all about opening our doors and getting to know our neighbors. We want to keep those doors open, not slam them shut…

...And that only happens when we all pledge to be good neighbors.

So in the spirit of that, we have these Community Guidelines:

    1. Even though Wakwat is only open to those who are 18-years-old and over, we still want to avoid rude, offensive, or obscene language and images. Everyone should be comfortable here.

    2. No illegal activity on Wakwat. Don’t do that. It’s not nice.

    3. Treat each other respectfully. Remember, you REALLY are each other’s neighbors. So don’t lie, gossip, use racial or ethnic slurs, or insult your neighbor.
      • We’d hope your neighbor would just report you to us on Wakwat so that we could investigate, but you could find yourself having to deal with the problem face-to-face.
    4. Don’t post pictures or private information about your neighbors without their permission.

    5. Don’t be “that guy.” You know, the one who complains about everything. Whenever possible, keep things positive.
      • Look to solve problems instead of gripe about them.
      • It’s easier to complain than it is to say good things...so make it a point to be positive and kind.
    6. If you are meeting with a neighbor you haven’t met before, meet in a public place. Practice common sense safety standards. Your neighbor is probably cool...but you want to be sure.

Wakwat exists to turn apartment complexes into communities. But that really depends on you.

For safety’s sake, there are a few people we don’t allow onto Wakwat:

    1. Since Wakwat makes it clear that people live within a certain apartment complex, for safety, we aren’t allowing children under the age of 18 to sign up.

    2. We also don’t allow those who have been convicted of a sexually-related or violent crime.

    3. If you’ve been suspended from Wakwat for violating our Community Guidelines or our Terms and Conditions, we won’t be letting you back on.

Neighbors look out for each other - if you know of someone who is violating these rules, for the community’s sake, please inform us.