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We transform apartment complexes into communities.

How do you get behind closed doors?

Face it, that’s what a lot of apartment complexes are... a bunch of closed doors.

We nod and say “hi” to each other as we’re unlocking those doors, but we come home and close those doors behind us, and we miss out on getting to know our neighbors.

Those closed doors get in the way of meeting some really neat people.

Wakwat opens those doors & let’s you get to know your neighbors.


Wakwat is a private social network created for apartment dwellers.

Free & Easy to use

Just sign up, get confirmed, and jump right in.

Safe & Secure

We verify that all community members reside in your apartment.


Wakwat makes talking with your neighbors easy.

How it works

Wakwat lets residents connect and find solutions

Hang Out

Whether you’re looking for a workout buddy or someone to binge-watch movies with, someone else is looking for exactly the same thing.

Connect When It Counts

Suggest an after-work pickup game. Set up a playdate. Use the Calendar and RSVP feature to plan parties and events.

Save the Day

When you know your neighbors, they’re there for you.

  • An emergency babysitter?
  • Have a dead battery?
  • A recommendation for a good dentist?
  • Solve Problems

    Strange cat on your balcony? Having an ant invasion of apocalyptic proportions?
    Is anyone else???

    Wakwat lets residents connect and find solutions.

    Share Your Experiences

    Having issues with management? Is your latest faucet repair a thumbs up? Is this the best place you ever lived? What do you wish you knew about living here?
    With Wakwat, you’re able to share those details in the Reviews section.

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